Yukon Bliss Witchy Wagon

Yukon Bliss Witchy Wagon is a mobile boutique: Psychic Mediumship & Divination, hand made jewelry, crystals & organic skin care!

What awesome products and Nancy is the greatest

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The most amazing product I’ve used on burns (rose hip salve)

Verified Purchase, Whitehorse, Yukon

Nancy this rose hip salve works great on my eczema! Thank you!

Verified Purchase, Whitehorse, Yukon

Full compliment of Yukon Bliss skin care products. Thanks for the lip balm Nancy J Bliss. Made with locally sourced materials. Perfect for our dry weather. (Facebook)

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About Us

Nancy Bliss

Store Owner

Spiritual Sessions: Nancy Bliss is a Professional Medium with over 40 years experience in metaphysical practices. This includes channeling spirits using various methods of divination; cards, pendulum, crystal scrying and spirit boards. Nancy is an experienced professional therapist and provides healing therapeutic divination sessions for her clients. She sees herself as a guide, a teacher and a healer who gives a sacred connection between metaphysical and physical worlds. It is a therapeutic and empowering experience.

For Nancy the spirit world and connection to other beings happened very early in life by being able to communicate with animals and having vivid, prophetic dreams. In one early incident a nightmare about her father being shot, dying in her arms, prompted him to take a different course of action. He was about to confront some local armed vandals with RCMP. The vandals had been shooting out the windows in the equipment (tractors and gravel trucks). He decided to stay at home instead of accompanying the RCMP that night and was sure it quite possibly had saved his life. 

Family members knew of her abilities early on and encouraged her intuition, her artwork and musical abilities. “I was able to channel the music with my father connecting us to the music when we played guitar together. Everyone thought it strange that I never used sheet music for the guitar. It was already in my fingers and in my head.” 

Nancy’s father, however, also shared Nancy’s gift of intuition. He had an extensive knowledge of ancient history and spirituality, as had his mother. The connection he had with others is still spoken of by all who knew him, although few knew about how powerful his intuition was. His strong but gentle presence inspired and intimidated; his heart was like a lion. Nancy could connect psychically with her father over great distances and the connection did not end with his death on September 29, 1967. Nancy’s birthday. 

As a child, Nancy’s natural world was her metaphysical playground! The living skies of Saskatchewan and the wind pushed clouds into visions, manifested into images for her answers from the spirit world. For a very simple example example, if the cloud blows into that one it’s a “Yes” answer and if it stays on its own it’s a “No” answer. If the bird flies away it’s “Yes” if not if “No” but if another flies to join it, then it’s too soon to tell. The natural world was one big spirit board. 

The fascination for the Ouija Board began as a teenager, along with cartomancy (fortune telling with a regular deck of cards), and water witching, and dousing with a pendulum. There were many divination methods but Ouija was most like Nancy herself- straight forward and to the point!

Video sessions are a favourite and are all live from the witchy wagon in the Yukon wilderness over Zoom, Messenger Video & FaceTime. The wagon is a safe, sacred space for sacred work and is always a loving one.

In-person sessions in the magical Witchy Wagon in Tagish grant you full access to the Witchy Wagon boutique- crystals, candles, jewellery, clothing, accessories and more! New stock is constantly added.

Completely personalized shopping with an “old world” ethereal atmosphere, the experience will stay with you long after your visit.

Nancy cuts many of the gemstones and creates new jewelry and products daily so every visit is new and you’re sure to find treasures every time! An artist a

Skincare: Herbs are picked in the Yukon wild with gratitude for Creator and Mother Nature, which infuses all of Nancy’s creations with positive healing energy.

All materials are locally sourced and hand-picked in the beautiful Yukon wilderness. Great care is taken to select the most healthy plants and the best locally sourced organic ingredients available.

Nancy painstakingly infuses herbal oils over a period of several weeks; plants are dried or fermented to create the most luxurious oils possible.

The products created are organic and because plants are wild-picked they are pesticide free.

Organic, sustainable, hand-picked and hand-made.

No artificial dyes, no artificial colour and no artificial fragrance.

All natural high quality ingredients.

No animal testing.

All products are registered with Health Canada.

Products can be found locally in Whitehorse at Unorthodox Yukon. The pet products are sold in Whitehorse at The Feed Store.

Nancy is a natural healer, therapist, artist, skilled herbalist, crystal expert, and an expert in aromatherapy.

As a Wise Woman, Nancy is an expert in the occult (hidden knowledge) and magikal practices but walks her own path. Nancy practices what she calls “Smart Magik” employing correspondences, ancient grimoire, objects, elements and energies that align to create more powerful intentions. 

For example, birch trees were the first to return after the flood, so some believe it is the Tree of Life. Shamans used it to travel through the metaphysical realm, witches brooms are made from birch. Birch has renewal and high vibration energy attracting higher vibration spirit beings for work with wands, pendulum boards, spirit boards, and other tools. 

“To me a Wise Woman is a woman who has stepped into her own truth and is able to use magikal tools to bring enlightenment, light and love to help the world. She’s not perfect but embraces her imperfections, learning is a process of being and becoming.”

Questions? Message Nancy using the Messenger icon on the bottom right corner of this website or call 867-333-1053.